SizeGenetics System Review – Are The Results Permanent?

sizegenetics system reviews


Yes, the size achieved can be permanent, as long as tissues are not reduced.

10/ Do The increase also affects the glans?

No, only the shaft of the penis.

SizeGenetics System Review – how the Increase happens on the Penis length and width?

11/ By lengthening the penis … is  the growth just in one spot?

No, quite the opposite, ie the proportional growth of the entire shaft of the penis occurs after the formation of new tissues, of course, occupy a volume, resulting in increased thickness of the member.

12/ How is it used?

Once you buy penis extender sizegenetics you will find its mode very simple, as reflected in the instructions for use .

Their use is dictated by your availability, as it can be used at any time of day and at various time intervals. The voltage applied across the device attached to the number of hours used, determine the outcome of treatment.

SizeGenetics System Review – the negatives:

13) Does the use of sizegenetics have any side effects?

No, it has no side effects, as long as they continue to strictly medical indications and instructions for use.

14) May cause sexual impotence? What adversely affect the erection?

No. Even potency is increased due to the effect it has on yourself than knowing possession of a penis larger, more powerful, reinforcing self-esteem greatly.

As for the erection, use of sizegenetics does not affect this function of the penis, which will continue so hard and plump as ever.

SizeGenetics System Review – Options in terms of treatment.

15) How I can go I just treatment?

If so just follow the instructions for use and development practices of the device.

16) Do sizegenetics is only for small penises or adapts to all sizes?

sizegenetics applies both to increase penis small for a larger penis size medium or large.

The SizeGenetics Enlargement Device Review  – Penis Sizes that will be covered by the treatment.

17) Do we need a minimum size of penis to undergo treatment?

Yes, the erect penis should be measured 8 cm. at least. From this measure, any individual can perform the treatment.

18) Do you have to be of any age to perform this treatment?

Not necessarily. Among the 14 to 16 years with parental consent can and medical supervision, but we advise after 18 years.

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