SizeGenetics Review – The Special Technology Involved In SizeGenetics.

Before you buy peis extender, find out more about the new technology.

size genetics review bigWhat is the 16 Way Technology?

When you buy penis extender, you sure want to have safety considerations met, first.

You want to make sure that the Penis Extender will not chaff, pinch or do damage to the blood vessels.

After all, what would really be the point of investing cash and time in a device if you won’t be able to wear it?

For this reason the 16 Way Technology comes in place, and it is crucial to your success with enlarging your penis.

SizeGenetics Review – is the SizeGenetics penis Extender harmful to my Penis?

24/ Does the use of SizeGenetics cause any pain?

No. As usual, at first notice the presence of the device, but once you have passed the first few weeks of use, this feeling goes away completely.

25/ If I want to urinate Should I remove? What to defecate?

If, for reasons of hygiene. When completed, you get to place the device and go.

SizeGenetics Review about the Use Of Penis Extender during Sex.

26/ Is it better to take it off me for sex?

Yes, and you must wait for about 1 hour to put it back.

27/ Does it off blood circulation of the penis when using SizeGenetics?

No. Only you must follow the instructions to take the right way and obviously more comfortable.

SizeGenetics Review  – when should I wear it, options to consider.

28/ How I can continue treatment with SizeGenetics without my family finding out?

You can use it only during working hours or when you’re away from home. If you’re at home, use loose clothing.

What does SizeGenetics penis extender reviews say about wearing it at night

29/ How I can use it at night?

During the first day is recommended not to use it at night, because until you’re not used to its presence, is likely to dislodge you because while we sleep, we move to change position constantly, in addition to the usual erections at night.

30/ What happens if I have an erection while wearing the extender?

There’s absolutely nothing bad about it. Just some of the tension will increase.

31/ How I can take it in the pool?

Yes, you can wear discreetly with a wide swimwear bermuda type.

32/ Can be worn at airports?





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