SizeGenetics Review – what my expectations should be!

sizegentics reviewConsiderations to keep in mind when you buy penis extender device.

41/ It might be that augmentation did not obtain anything or that it was slower than usual?

Given that medicine is not an exact science, and based on our own experience, can happen in a very low percentage of 2.5%.

SizeGenetics Review – Speed at which to use  the Penis Device.

42/ How should I use  SizeGenetics penis device, at what rate?

At the beginning of the treatment of evolution provide a sheet which details clearly how the extender should be regulated.

43/ How much time must pass between the breaks?

The most important thing is to meet the 6 hours of treatment that you can distribute as you see fit, but our recommendation is to rest every 2 hours, using the toilet if necessary.

It is mandatory that the lengtht of breaks is rigid, can be adapted to your sensibilities and needs.

SizeGenetics Review – what happens if I can not wear the penile extender occasionally.

44/ If during treatment is one day I do not use the device something wrong?

No, but then it is advisable to attempt to recover that time with more hours the next day.

45/ If you stop treatment for 15 days or 1 month at what stage should I restart?

You start with 2 phases less. The 1 st and 2 nd phase will last 5 days.

SizeGenetics Review – rest time and recovery.

46/ What if I rested less time, like 3 or 4 days?

Then you continue where you left off to complete the term of the corresponding phase.

47/ When treatment is complete is it necessary to continue to use the penile device to keep the results?

No, it is not necessary.

SizeGenetics Review – options to continue wit the penis enlargement once done with the penis stretcher.

48/ Upon completion of the treatment could make a penile enlargement surgery?

Yes, without any problem.

 penis extender sizegenetics

49/ Is it necessary to combine the expander with pills or creams for male enlargement?

It is hardly necessary, since the device lengthens the manhood alone.

Use of ointments – SizeGenetics review.

50/ Is it necessary to use some kind of ointment for the treatment?

In principle – it is not mandatory. But SizeGenetics powder will make things much easier when wearing for longer period of time.

51/ What is the average penile length?

Around 13-15 cm. on average, although it depends on the characteristics of each breed.

52/ The size of the manhood …, what does it depend on?

Mainly on 2 factors: genetics and tissue growth during development.

SizeGenetics Review  – medical conditions and contraindications.

53/ If I am diabetic,  can I apply the penile extender treatment?

Yes, provided you have the disease controlled medically.

54/ What to do If I have cardiac procedures going on?

Yes, there is no impediment for this type of question.

55/ If I am operated on for prostate cancer or a tumor in the urological treatment ,I can use the SizeGenetics penile device?


56/ If I have a varicocele or prostatitis, In this case, can begin the treatment?

In this case, it would be best to visit a urologist to review him.

57/ And if I have any sexually transmitted disease treatment ,I can  use the device?


SizeGenetics Penis Device reviews –  safety considerations.

58/ Is it painful or dangerous to the penis, being put on the penile device?

No, because it is a tension that graduate each according to his needs. The same user is the traction device adapted progressively as the member grows. The placement of the expander is given by the size of your manhood, as clarified in the instructions.

59/ Does your application can cause allergy?

In any case, since SizeGenetics is covered with a bath allergy that prevents this possibility.

6o/ Does it explain well the correct use of the penis extender in the instructions?

Yes, it is perfectly explained in the instructions for use and development.

I hope this SizeGenetics Review was useful to you and Luck with getting the Bigger One!

sizegenetics extender device.




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