SizeGenetics Review – The Secret Is In The Details And The Technology!

So, can I wear the Penis Extender at the airport? Good to know before you make the decision to buy penis extender, especially if you travel a lot.

size genetics review erection

It is better not.

33/ Is I can use it with jeans and tight clothes?

You can wear with normal jeans, they are not too narrow. Tight clothing is rather uncomfortable.

SizeGenetics review  – maintenance.

34/ Can it be washed or rust? And what do you wash?

SizeGenetics not rust, as it has a European Union certification that guarantees good manufacturing and good

quality materials. It can be washed once a week, with water and soap.

SizeGenetics Penis Extender Review  – what to do If I need some parts replacement.

35/ If any part is damaged, what do I do?

Only you should contact us through our e-mail in the section on request .

36/ Is it necessary to grease the machine?

In principle no, but it is worth occasionally apply a few drops of oil on the piston area in order to facilitate

the sliding of the same.

SizeGenetics Review – what am I doing when done with the Penis Extender.

37/ Once finished with the treatment … would have to return the extender?

Not at all, because the SizeGenetics would be your property.

38/ Does the SizeGenetics runs on batteries or electricity? Does it produce downloads?

SizeGenetics does not operate on batteries or electricity, but a mechanical traction device.

SizeGenetics Review – medical consultations and the SizeGenetics Penis Extender.

39/ Is it necessary to seek medical consultation for this treatment?

No. But if a client needs more medical supervision, can go perfectly with the consultation of a urologist

for safety.

40/ Is it okay if I still use once you have won the inches that indicates the treatment?

You might get some millimeters, but the process would be much slower.





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