Penis Extension – How To Get Bigger Penis?!

Penis ExtensionMany companies in the market claim that they have the best product to make your penis bigger still fail to do so, and are dangerous to the overall health of your penis.

However, there is a product that can be done safely and effectively bigger penis;

Penis Extension – are the penis extenders safe to use?

Penis extenders are one of the few devices on the market that are safe and effective penis enlargement. This device consists of a base of the head and held together by two bars on either side extension.

The extension rods have been specially designed for applying a controlled traction force to the shaft of the penis, which over time will impact on the enlargement of the penis length and girth in both erect and flaccid status.

 Penis Extension devices are safe because:

The reason why the penis extender is safe for use due to the controlled manner in which the two extension rods apply the force of traction. The pulling force is always applied just enough to help increase penis size without hurting.

In order to understand how the penis extender uses traction to enlarge the penis, you need to first understand the anatomy of the penis shaft;

  Penis Extension devices are build according to the Penis anatomy

Three cameras are next to each other on the shaft of the penis. The two main chambers are called corpus cavernosa and are responsible for holding 90% of blood flow to the penis when aroused.

The capacity of the corpora cavernosa is one of the main factors that determine the size of the penis.

The tensile force applied by the two extension rods penis extender causes cells in the erectile tissue of the corpus cavernosa to multiply in order to maintain the traction device.

The multiplication of these cells in turn increases the capacity of the corpus cavernosa, resulting in a larger penis both in erect and flaccid state. These results are permanent.

Please be advised that there is a noticeable difference between good and poor quality penis extension devices.

Risk of penile injuries have been known to be associated with poor quality penis extenders. Always do your research before you buy penis extender or any other penis enlargement device.