How To Use Penis Extender Properly to Get The Most Benefit?

Suitable usage – Max advantages you have to be familiar with before you buy penis extender.

how to use penis extender


Normally, it can be actually used under apparels as well as is actually not noticeable. While you are wearing it, it eventually stretches your penis.

The ramification is actually similar to lifting weights to promote muscle development. 

How it works and How to use penis extender go hand in hand.

The tissues making up the penis stretch and increase. This outcomes in an increase in both period as well as girth.
The succeeding step-by-step manual, give you ideas and as safety directions that  certainly aid you certainly make the wearing the penis extender much more comfortable and more safely to have around.

How to Use Penis Extender - step by step guide.

Just how to use penis extender — A step-by-step technique
Make the penis in semi-erect state (1/2 or 3/4 erect) and hard.

1/Put in the penis through the base ring of the accessory (a plastic ring is securely fastened to the base of the penis, whilst an additional malleable silicone ring is put on the think tank).
2/ Strap the soft comfort pad within the accessory as well as yank the loop down carefully till the head is protected;
3/Adjust the tension degree (traction) of the accessory.

Two spars manage the length of the penis shaft, which can easily be actually fine-tuned to suit the desired tension i.e. you can easily raise the tension on the extender when you turn the knurled knobs toward the penis.

Here are some tips on using the penis extender, and in particular – how to strap it to the penis.

  1. Make sure one side of the strap is fastened to the cradle of the extender, so that the strap will stay in place when applying the extender onto the penis. Usually the preferred method is to leave the strap unattached on the side of the extender that corresponds to your dominant hand, so if right handed, leave the right side of the strap unattached, and vice versa.
  2. Then, grab the penis just below the glans and with your opposite (non-dominant) hand and pull the glans towards the cradle of the extender. Once in place and with a grip still holding just under your glans, slide the strap up and over the penis behind the glans where it feels comfortable. Some men prefer some extra “slack” skin to be above the grip point of the strap for added comfort and to better protect the glans and frenulum.
  3. Now put the strap through the opening for it on its side of the cradle and secure it tightly while still keeping the penis held in place still by the other hand. Next, secure the other side of the strap to the extender with the dominant hand, making sure to keep enough tension on the penis so it stays in place and the glans does not slip out of the grip from the strap.
  4. Finally re-tighten the strap 2-3 more times on each side (one side at a time) to ensure a tight fit so that the glans in no capacity can slip out from the grip of the strap. Also be careful to not pull the strap so tight that it pulls shaft skin though the opening for the strap. This will be very painful, and you should feel it at once if this begins to happen.


4/Ultimately, you desire to connect the penis extender to the side of the penis. When positioned, one are able to at that point adapt the brace to PULL or stretch out the penis.
Try to remember, a penis extender functions wok best under loosened fitting shorts or sweat pants.

Ideally, the penis extender is pointing downwards.

If you had a career that involved waiting (i.e., manufacturing) and/or wearing coveralls, one could most likely wear the extender at work.

How to use Penis Extender - Time & frequency for the use of penis extender.

To achieve the wanted effect, the extender must be actually used at least 5-8 hrs a day. Many sex professionals suggest that, ideally, the extender device really should be actually worn on the penis for up to 8 hours a day.

Nonetheless, that is not consistently achievable for many men that have a working work as well as social way of life. Subsequently, one may use the device for a few hrs a day if necessary (although the consequences will take that limited bit longer).


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