Does Andropenis Work and what I need to Know.

Does AndroPenis Work?

AndroPenis Gold

The Andropenis ® is a penis extender device using the principle of traction. It is based on the capacity of tissues to be subjected to a continuous traction force, which causes cellular multiplication in them. Before you buy penis extender, read further.

The principle of traction is used in tissue expansion in plastic surgery, which generates skin to cover cutaneous defects, burns or bald spots. Also applied in bone distraction for lengthening bone diaphysis and phalanges.

Does Andropenis work  by permanently increasing my Penis Size?

In ancient cultures this principle is used to get enlarge different parts of the body, like the neck of the tribe Paduang of Burma (the Giraffe women), or the lips and ears of other African and Amazonian tribes, which are placed prostheses or weights for elongation. Andropenis  is based on the principle of traction.

 Does Andropenis work with smaller penises?

Yes, it does.

Andropenis Mini : medically prescribed device suitable

for men with micropenis, penises smaller than 3.  Andropenis is classified as a Class 1 Medical device by European Health Authorities and as a Class I Medical Device registered with the CMDCAS of Canada.

I have  heard about Traction0n - Does Andropenis Work this way?

Extender Andropenis is a medical devise using the principle of traction.  The Andropenis penile extender has rings that can be attached to the head and the base of the penis, and rods that can be adjusted to control the level of pressure to be applied to the penis. 

Andro-Penis Extender has successfully passed all tests and was approved by health authorities in the European Union, which is a guarantee of safety.

Like any product, Andropenis suffered from being wrongly regarded as a scam.  Our product is not only for those who want a bigger penis.

  Because this product is working for some folks, there is a possibility that it’s going to work for you.

I hope now you have better understanding of the question “Does AndroPenis Work?”


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