Do Penis Extenders Really Work and how can they Increase my Penis Size?

This method is based on the medical principle of traction, which is applied ​​gradually and progressively over the penis.

Do penis extenders really workIt will stimulate the growth of the tissues of the same, both suspensory ligament of the corpora cavernosa and the rest of tissues.

Al this s good to know before you decide to buy penis extender.

The principle of traction is used in tissue expansion in plastic surgery, which generates skin to cover cutaneous defects, burns or bald spots.

Also applied in bone distraction for lengthening bone diaphysis and phalanges.

Do Penis Extenders Really Work -is there any proof this method works?

In ancient cultures this principle is used to enlarge

different parts of the body like the neck of Burma Paduang tribe (Giraffe Women).

You might have seen the lips and ears of other African and Amazonian tribes, which are placed prostheses or weights for elongation.

There are several types of extenders, although most are made ​​of a plastic ring connected to two dynamic metal rods, which fits a plastic support and a silicone band holds the glans.

You can put or remove it, and can be reached discreetly under clothing, walking or even sitting.

Do Penis Extenders Really Work and how for how long I should wear it?

The device is placed when the penis is flaccid, and will take place between 4 and 9 hours a day, taking breaks when you want.

According to the doctors who supervised our comparative and testimonies and experiences of many of our readers, you get a half inch growth per month, and these cumulative.

Must be for 4 or 6 months (manufacturers recommendation) as the growth desired. After the treatment, centimeters gained will be real.

Do Penis Extenders Really Work and also, what results will they deliver?

What results can I expect?

    Permanent penis elongation of 3 to 4 cm. in erection.
    Permanent penis elongation of 3 to 4 flaccid state.
    Growth in Girth of 1 cm.
    40% correction of penile curvature (Peyronie’s).

    Increased confidence and gradual improvement of sex.

Using Size Genetics has no contraindications, provided that you properly followed both medical advices and the instructions for use.

SizeGenetics not be used if it is operated for prostate cancer or urological tumor , if you have a varicocele or prostatitis or sexually transmitted disease.

Its use does not cause allergies, since Gnetics is covered with a bath allergy that prevents this possibility.

I advice you always read some Penis Extender Reviews before you decide to finally purchase The Penis extender device itself.


I hope this  article answered  some of the questions you had about Penis extenders and whether Do Penis Extenders Really Work.

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