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SizeGenetics Extender Device


sizegentics extender

What is SizeGenetics Device?

The SizeGenetics™ device is a penile extender, but it can also go by other names such as the penile stretcher and the penile enlarger. They have been around for decades, and work by placing a steady tension along the manhood, and thus encouraging it to grow.

This tension gently pulls on the penis over a long period of time, encouraging cell duplication to occur, in which new cells are created to help accommodate the penises’ new extension.

Why to use SizeGenetics Device?sizegenetics device


  • Can Extend The Manhood By Inches
  • Is Used By Penis Enlargement Surgeons
  • Can Help Straighten Curvatures In The Penis

Click Here To Visit the Official SizeGenetics Website

Does SizeGenetics Device Work?


The SizeGenetics™ extender is based on real science, and this method of lengthening is used in other medical and cultural procedures. Thanks to this technology, limb stretching procedures are possible to help people with stunted arms or legs.

In fact the early versions of this extender were used by penile enlargement surgeons to help give their patients the best results from their penis enlargement surgeries.

What Are The Benefits Of Using SizeGenetics Extender?

  • Can extend the penis by inches
  • Can help straighten curvatures in the penis
  • Is used by real penile enlargement surgeons
  • Is a Medical Type 1 Device
  • Is device clinically tested and available for men of all ages
  • Is supported by a published clinical study
  • Can help increase your confidence in the bedroom by extending your penis
  • Is endorsed by key medical professionals all over the world
  • Has over 16 successful years in the market
  • Fast delivery from distribution depots in the UK and US
  • TV & magazine coverage. Including GQ Magazine & Channel 4 in the UK

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SizeGenetics Website



The SizeGenetics extender device has a 16 Way Comfort Strap, meaning that the extender can be worn in 16 different ways.

sizegenetics review

Most extenders only give you one way to wear theirs, and if the device is uncomfortable, your customers aren’t going to see results. In addition to this, the extender uses a MDA (multi directional angling) design and includes Traction Plus Powder and Revita Cream to make the experience even more comfortable.

SizeGenetics Extender in Pictures:

sizegenetics penis extender

sizegentics extender device
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Sizegenetics is Registered and Medically Backed:

The SizeGenetics™ extender is a fully registered medical type 1 device, which has the medical backing of several doctors who are experts in the field of sexual health and wellbeing.


Extras and Bonuses with SizeGenetics:

sizegentics system


Below are couple of the reasons why the SizeGenetics Ultimate System is top choice:

sizegentics benefits

  • 16 Comfort Strap + Velcro X Strap

Thanks to these straps, SizeGenetics extender has been designed to be the MOST COMFORTABLE extender available to buy today.

Comfort means customers can wear the device for longer and will see results faster.

  • FREE PenisHealth DVD

When customer buys SizeGenetics system, they will also get PenisHealth, a penis health program which has proven to help improve erection size, strength & power!
Essential for people looking to dominate their sex lives.

sizegentics traction powder

  • Tractions Plus Powder / Revita Cream

Extending the manhood can sometimes be rough on the skin of the penis, which is why SizeGenetics Extender comes with these two additional supplements.
Designed to protect the penis’ skin, it’s amazing that no other extender offers these essential extras.

sizegentics device wipes

  • Device Wipes

Amazingly not everyone offers these, but these wipes can be used to keep the SizeGenetics extender hygienically clean.
After all it works on a sensitive area of a man’s body, so these are important for the user’s health and wellbeing.

sizegentics spare parts

  • Spare Parts

SizeGenetics extender will come with additional spare parts. These can be used by to increase the length of the device or replace parts that where down in time.
SizeGenetics is designed to be a useable product in the long.


  • LoveCentria Access (54+ Online DVDs)

Every SizeGenetics system purchase comes with access to 54 DVDs worth of sexually exciting and informative content through LoveCentria.
LoveCentria is one of the largest online sex guides, with interactive features, videos and titillating advice on how to please women… and it’s ALL FREE when purchasing the full system.

sizegentics support

  • Aftersale Support

Finally… SizeGenetic’s relationship with customer does not end after the purchase. SizeGenetics extender has specially trained support team on standby to advise and aid customers so that they can get the most out of their device.

Click Here To Visit the Official SizeGenetics Website

sizegenetics money back

  • Money Back Guarantee

SizeGenetics Extender includes a 180 day money back guarantee. Simply try the device for 120 days, and if you see no results you get your money back!
Many competitors offer some sort of guarantee, but many of them have unfair terms or don’t run for as long as 180 days.

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How Do Penis Extenders Work

How Do Penis Extenders Work – what are they and how can they Increase my penis size.



Here we will discover and report on penis extenders reviews. We will look at what devices are medically backed penis extenders and more suitable to increase the length of the penis. This is something you should know before you buy penis extender.

Is for those men who do not want to take pills or oil treatments for penis size, and prefer to go to the final and infallible method, and is the traction on the penis, thus improving your sex life balance defect or size of your penis choosing the right penis extenders.

How Do Penis Extenders Work – what is the Penis Extender choices on the market?

penis extenders The market has produced a wide and varied range of possibilities to increase the size of penis extenders member, as the penis enlargement treatments today are very different, and your choice depends on the physiological needs of man. Therefore, we want to help make your choice easier and more effective. We propose that we believe are the most suitable products and reliable, then it is up to you to want to choose to increase the size of their penis by penis extenders.

How Do Penis Extenders Work – how to look for the right place to buy penis extender.

Such products often guided by the viral effect that is, the word of mouth among consumers. For this reason, any contribution that can make us be a further aid to another person who also might need a male member enlargement using penis extenders.

The first thing you think when you see this type of site is that we belong to one company manufacture these products, but it is not. This group was created for consumers tired of the same situation and with a purpose: to help other consumers. You can check with the information you can find on our website.
Evidence of the solution: studies confirming the effectiveness of the penis extender.

How Do Penis Extenders Work  – can I safely increase the size of my penis?

Any matter related to the penis has always bothered the man and the extension of the penis is one of them. No one always asks the same, but often the main concern is the size of the penis:

How Do Penis Extenders Work and How  can I make my penis grow?

Also focuses attention on other aspects such as the micro penis, short penis, the curvature or deviation of the penis, penile shortening or scarring of the penis after surgery. Although we tried to answer all the questions that might arise, would be totally impossible because they are infinite, like the answers.

How Do Penis Extenders Work – studies and proof for the effectiveness of the Penis extenders.

There are numerous scientific studies presented at international medical conferences that demonstrate the effectiveness of penis enlargement. Many internationally renowned medical journals have published articles about penis extenders and results. Renowned doctors from around the world openly support this method given the vast scientific evidence that corroborates the results.

An example is the study by a team of scientists from the University of Turin (Italy) which states that the devices produce a penis extenders enlargement “effective and enduring” of a member of more than 30 percent.

How Do Penis Extenders Work – was did the studies concluded?

After carrying out a study with 21 men “highly motivated”, the urologist at San Giovann Batista Hospital, University of Turin, Paolo Gontero, publishes the results of the latest edition of the British journal of urology “BJU International”.

This method is based on the principle of gradual and adaptive traction as well as the body’s natural ability to adapt to it, in order to achieve penile lengthening and thickening, the curvature correction or avoidance of scarring.

How Do Penis Extenders Work – what are penis extenders work based on?

This principle of traction on penis extenders, has been widely tested and used throughout history and even today doctors are finding new ways to apply this force to change the body the way you want.
What is the method of traction?

The principle of traction on the penis is one of the most widespread throughout history to increase penis size. This method gives rise to a progressive elongation reaction and structural level of the elastic tissues that make up the penis, until you can reach the size that the user needs to improve his sex life.

How Do Penis Extenders Work – what exactly is happening when wearing the penis extender.

Clinical extenders for penis enlargement, are manufactured to obtain visible results both in thickness and length in the member, and to correct penile stem morphology, ie, problems of penile curvature, penile retraction and elongation and widening of micropenis .
What is the penis extender best for me and How Do Penis Extenders Work.

Here we propose treatments for penis extenders by traction method to achieve the penis size you need and improve your sex life dramatically. If you assumed that there is a possibility to enlarge your penis using this method, a series of penis extenders extend its use and operation along  SizeGenetics  guide so you can reach the right decision.

It is important that you know How Do Penis Extenders Work in order to make the right decision.

You should be aware that if you have Peyronie’s disease, have undergone penile surgery (prostate cancer surgery in T1 or T2 stage, operations of the bladder, urinary incontinence, or any operation that has caused significant injury to the male member ) or suffer from micropenis (less than 7 cm size), you see your specialist, so you can guide the choice of the penis extender that best suits your needs.

How Do Penis Extenders Work  and Do I qualify to use Penis Extender?

A requirement for a candidate for this method of penis enlargement is to have between 18 and 65. These penis extenders should be placed in the flaccid state member for periods of 5 to 9 hours with breaks. You should not use while sleeping, because you can not control the involuntary movements that occur during sleep. Put on and removed easily, are discreet and comfortable to wear. These treatments can last as long as you want until you feel really appreciable results in the size of the member.



how do penis extenders work

SizeGenetics Review And Benefits – p.6

SizeGenetics Review – what my expectations should be!

sizegentics reviewConsiderations to keep in mind when you buy penis extender device.

41/ It might be that augmentation did not obtain anything or that it was slower than usual?

Given that medicine is not an exact science, and based on our own experience, can happen in a very low percentage of 2.5%.

SizeGenetics Review – Speed at which to use  the Penis Device.

42/ How should I use  SizeGenetics penis device, at what rate?

At the beginning of the treatment of evolution provide a sheet which details clearly how the extender should be regulated.

43/ How much time must pass between the breaks?

The most important thing is to meet the 6 hours of treatment that you can distribute as you see fit, but our recommendation is to rest every 2 hours, using the toilet if necessary.

It is mandatory that the lengtht of breaks is rigid, can be adapted to your sensibilities and needs.

SizeGenetics Review – what happens if I can not wear the penile extender occasionally.

44/ If during treatment is one day I do not use the device something wrong?

No, but then it is advisable to attempt to recover that time with more hours the next day.

45/ If you stop treatment for 15 days or 1 month at what stage should I restart?

You start with 2 phases less. The 1 st and 2 nd phase will last 5 days.

SizeGenetics Review – rest time and recovery.

46/ What if I rested less time, like 3 or 4 days?

Then you continue where you left off to complete the term of the corresponding phase.

47/ When treatment is complete is it necessary to continue to use the penile device to keep the results?

No, it is not necessary.

SizeGenetics Review – options to continue wit the penis enlargement once done with the penis stretcher.

48/ Upon completion of the treatment could make a penile enlargement surgery?

Yes, without any problem.

 penis extender sizegenetics

49/ Is it necessary to combine the expander with pills or creams for male enlargement?

It is hardly necessary, since the device lengthens the manhood alone.

Use of ointments – SizeGenetics review.

50/ Is it necessary to use some kind of ointment for the treatment?

In principle – it is not mandatory. But SizeGenetics powder will make things much easier when wearing for longer period of time.

51/ What is the average penile length?

Around 13-15 cm. on average, although it depends on the characteristics of each breed.

52/ The size of the manhood …, what does it depend on?

Mainly on 2 factors: genetics and tissue growth during development.

SizeGenetics Review  – medical conditions and contraindications.

53/ If I am diabetic,  can I apply the penile extender treatment?

Yes, provided you have the disease controlled medically.

54/ What to do If I have cardiac procedures going on?

Yes, there is no impediment for this type of question.

55/ If I am operated on for prostate cancer or a tumor in the urological treatment ,I can use the SizeGenetics penile device?


56/ If I have a varicocele or prostatitis, In this case, can begin the treatment?

In this case, it would be best to visit a urologist to review him.

57/ And if I have any sexually transmitted disease treatment ,I can  use the device?


SizeGenetics Penis Device reviews –  safety considerations.

58/ Is it painful or dangerous to the penis, being put on the penile device?

No, because it is a tension that graduate each according to his needs. The same user is the traction device adapted progressively as the member grows. The placement of the expander is given by the size of your manhood, as clarified in the instructions.

59/ Does your application can cause allergy?

In any case, since SizeGenetics is covered with a bath allergy that prevents this possibility.

6o/ Does it explain well the correct use of the penis extender in the instructions?

Yes, it is perfectly explained in the instructions for use and development.

I hope this SizeGenetics Review was useful to you and Luck with getting the Bigger One!

sizegenetics extender device.




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SizeGenetics Review – p.5

SizeGenetics Review – The Secret Is In The Details And The Technology!

So, can I wear the Penis Extender at the airport? Good to know before you make the decision to buy penis extender, especially if you travel a lot.

size genetics review erection

It is better not.

33/ Is I can use it with jeans and tight clothes?

You can wear with normal jeans, they are not too narrow. Tight clothing is rather uncomfortable.

SizeGenetics review  – maintenance.

34/ Can it be washed or rust? And what do you wash?

SizeGenetics not rust, as it has a European Union certification that guarantees good manufacturing and good

quality materials. It can be washed once a week, with water and soap.

SizeGenetics Penis Extender Review  – what to do If I need some parts replacement.

35/ If any part is damaged, what do I do?

Only you should contact us through our e-mail in the section on request .

36/ Is it necessary to grease the machine?

In principle no, but it is worth occasionally apply a few drops of oil on the piston area in order to facilitate

the sliding of the same.

SizeGenetics Review – what am I doing when done with the Penis Extender.

37/ Once finished with the treatment … would have to return the extender?

Not at all, because the SizeGenetics would be your property.

38/ Does the SizeGenetics runs on batteries or electricity? Does it produce downloads?

SizeGenetics does not operate on batteries or electricity, but a mechanical traction device.

SizeGenetics Review – medical consultations and the SizeGenetics Penis Extender.

39/ Is it necessary to seek medical consultation for this treatment?

No. But if a client needs more medical supervision, can go perfectly with the consultation of a urologist

for safety.

40/ Is it okay if I still use once you have won the inches that indicates the treatment?

You might get some millimeters, but the process would be much slower.





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SizeGenetics Review – p.4

SizeGenetics Review – The Special Technology Involved In SizeGenetics.

Before you buy peis extender, find out more about the new technology.

size genetics review bigWhat is the 16 Way Technology?

When you buy penis extender, you sure want to have safety considerations met, first.

You want to make sure that the Penis Extender will not chaff, pinch or do damage to the blood vessels.

After all, what would really be the point of investing cash and time in a device if you won’t be able to wear it?

For this reason the 16 Way Technology comes in place, and it is crucial to your success with enlarging your penis.

SizeGenetics Review – is the SizeGenetics penis Extender harmful to my Penis?

24/ Does the use of SizeGenetics cause any pain?

No. As usual, at first notice the presence of the device, but once you have passed the first few weeks of use, this feeling goes away completely.

25/ If I want to urinate Should I remove? What to defecate?

If, for reasons of hygiene. When completed, you get to place the device and go.

SizeGenetics Review about the Use Of Penis Extender during Sex.

26/ Is it better to take it off me for sex?

Yes, and you must wait for about 1 hour to put it back.

27/ Does it off blood circulation of the penis when using SizeGenetics?

No. Only you must follow the instructions to take the right way and obviously more comfortable.

SizeGenetics Review  – when should I wear it, options to consider.

28/ How I can continue treatment with SizeGenetics without my family finding out?

You can use it only during working hours or when you’re away from home. If you’re at home, use loose clothing.

What does SizeGenetics penis extender reviews say about wearing it at night

29/ How I can use it at night?

During the first day is recommended not to use it at night, because until you’re not used to its presence, is likely to dislodge you because while we sleep, we move to change position constantly, in addition to the usual erections at night.

30/ What happens if I have an erection while wearing the extender?

There’s absolutely nothing bad about it. Just some of the tension will increase.

31/ How I can take it in the pool?

Yes, you can wear discreetly with a wide swimwear bermuda type.

32/ Can be worn at airports?





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SizeGenetics Review – p.3

SizeGenetics Review Unbaised – Age Restrictions On Using The SizeGenetics.

Things to know before you buy penis extender.

19/ What is the ideal age for treatment?size genetics review penis

From age 18. Can also be performed at older ages (60 or 70 years), since as shown by many studies,the method of traction causes the tissues to grow at any age.

SizeGenetics Review Unbiased – Does Penis Size matter according to women?

20/ What do women think?

Numerous studies show that women prefer men with a penis long, thick and powerful, to the detriment of

those who have small, thin and powerless. With a larger penis size women enjoy more sex relationships and even more excited to be your single look at the big joy.

This factor is taken into consideration by women around the world when looking for a partner and have satisfying sex.

SizeGenetics Review Unbiased – Penis Extenders vs. Vacuum Pumps.

21/ What is the difference between SizeGenetics and a vacuum pump?

Sizegenetics is an extender that stimulates the growth of elastic tissue of the penis, while the vacuum pump sucks to get immediate and abrupt size boost.

The effects achieved by the latter are short-lived (about 12 hours) and cause quite often from bruises and broken capillaries fibrosis. In the long run may even impair the ability of penile erection.

unbiased SizeGenetics Review – once I am done and have big enough penis.

22/ At the end of my treatment, can be used SizeGenetics on someone  else?

It is not recommended that, mainly due to hygiene issues.

23/ Why SizeGenetics and not another?

The main and most representative SizeGenetics advantage compared to other extenders on the market is the advanced and innovative 16 way technology.

As a matter of fact, SizeGenetics are the leading penis extender in the industry in terms of comfort.

It offers  consumers 16 different ways to wear their own penis extenders; no matter your shape is, what size or sensitivity.

You can comfortably wear their device all day long without damaging or hurting your penis. From all penis extender reviews out there we have covered, this quality is a really big plus.





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SizeGenetics System Review – p.2

 SizeGenetics System Review – Are The Results Permanent?

sizegenetics system reviews


Yes, the size achieved can be permanent, as long as tissues are not reduced.

10/ Do The increase also affects the glans?

No, only the shaft of the penis.

SizeGenetics System Review – how the Increase happens on the Penis length and width?

11/ By lengthening the penis … is  the growth just in one spot?

No, quite the opposite, ie the proportional growth of the entire shaft of the penis occurs after the formation of new tissues, of course, occupy a volume, resulting in increased thickness of the member.

12/ How is it used?

Once you buy penis extender sizegenetics you will find its mode very simple, as reflected in the instructions for use .

Their use is dictated by your availability, as it can be used at any time of day and at various time intervals. The voltage applied across the device attached to the number of hours used, determine the outcome of treatment.

SizeGenetics System Review – the negatives:

13) Does the use of sizegenetics have any side effects?

No, it has no side effects, as long as they continue to strictly medical indications and instructions for use.

14) May cause sexual impotence? What adversely affect the erection?

No. Even potency is increased due to the effect it has on yourself than knowing possession of a penis larger, more powerful, reinforcing self-esteem greatly.

As for the erection, use of sizegenetics does not affect this function of the penis, which will continue so hard and plump as ever.

SizeGenetics System Review – Options in terms of treatment.

15) How I can go I just treatment?

If so just follow the instructions for use and development practices of the device.

16) Do sizegenetics is only for small penises or adapts to all sizes?

sizegenetics applies both to increase penis small for a larger penis size medium or large.

The SizeGenetics Enlargement Device Review  – Penis Sizes that will be covered by the treatment.

17) Do we need a minimum size of penis to undergo treatment?

Yes, the erect penis should be measured 8 cm. at least. From this measure, any individual can perform the treatment.

18) Do you have to be of any age to perform this treatment?

Not necessarily. Among the 14 to 16 years with parental consent can and medical supervision, but we advise after 18 years.

Continue reading with the SizeGenetics Penis Extender reviews.





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SizeGenetics Device Review – p.1

SizeGenetics Device Review – Does SizeGenetics Work?

In this section you will find answers to frequently asked questions made by our clients concerning the proper use of SizeGenetics, the sending (payments, confidentiality …), guarantees.

Sizegenetics reviewThere are things you have to know before you decide to buy penis extender.

If you have any questions not answered in this section or any other of the website, please contact us and we will solve the problem.

SizeGenetics Device Review – About SizeGenetics and traction method.

1) What method is SizeGenetics based on?

The proven effectiveness of our extender is based on the principle of traction, as has been amply

demonstrated by many studies that the penile shaft elastic tissue (both the suspensory ligament of the

corpora cavernosa) are prolonged when subjected to a certain tension steadily and progressively.

SizeGenetics – The History of the Penis Exttenders.

2)  previously used in medicine? What about today?

The principle of traction has been widely used in medicine by many cultures and civilizations throughouthistory. Several investigations grounded in ancient traditions and customs practiced by Asian and African tribes have shown that through this method is feasible to extend various body parts (ears, lips, neck, legs …) and in the case of the legendary women giraffe Burma or Amazonian tribes and parts of Africa that use weights to elongate lips and ears.

Today, modern medicine exploits the principle of traction applied to different treatments, such as the extension of the arms and legs, orthopedic surgery (craniomaxilofacial surgery), orthodontics (to prevent and correct the bad position of teeth) or in the regeneration of burnt skin.

SizeGenetics Device Review – what is the Penis made of?

3) Do the tissues of the penis can be increased? Is the penis a muscle or bone?

The penis is composed of muscles and bones, but a set of elastic tissue, so easily subjected to the

method of traction.

4) What are the benefits that can bring me the SizeGenetics use?

Elongation of the erect penis between 3 and 7 cm
Flaccid penis enlargement, between 3 and 7 cm
Thickening of the erect penis between 1 and 1.5 cm in circumference of the trunk
Thickening of the penis in the flaccid between 1 and 1.5 cm in circumference of the trunk
The elongation and circumference of a circle made are kept permanently
Decreased penile curvature by up to 70%

SizeGenetics Device Review – How big can I get?

5) How many inches I can increase my penis, the most?

Between 3 and 7 cm., Although this also depends on the characteristics of each individual.

6) What is the minimum I can increase My penis with?

The minimum is 1.5 cm. The average growth is 3 cm, which are the results achieved by 95% of our customers.

SizeGenetics Penis Extender Review - when I get Big, it will be in flaccid state, or?

7) Does penis size increased both in a state of erection and flaccidity?

Yes, the tissue augmentation is fully proportional and manifests in both states.

8) Do With the use of SizeGenetics corrects the curvature of the penis?

In effect. In addition to stimulating the growth of the penile tissues, using SizeGenetics for a period of 6 to 8 months reduces the curvature of the penis by 70%.



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AndroPenis Extender – Review before you Buy!

AndroPenis Extender

AndroPenis Extender

AndroPenis Extender -how exactly it works?

The Andropenis is a penis extender device using the principle of traction.

It is based on the capacity of tissues to be subjected to a continuous traction force. The tissue reaction is cause them  cellular multiplication in them to happen.

The principle of traction is used in tissue expansion in plastic surgery, which generates skin to cover cutaneous defects, burns or bald spots.

Also it is applied in bone distraction for lengthening bone diaphysis and phalanges.

AndroPenis Extender -is the principle on which it works just invented?

Not really!

In ancient cultures this principle is used to get enlarge different parts of the body, like the neck of the tribe Paduang of Burma (the Giraffe women), or the lips and ears of other African and Amazonian tribes, which are placed prostheses or weights for elongation.

AndroPenis Extender – how proven is this method that is used?

Again, his method is based on the medical principle of traction, which made gradually and progressively over the penis will stimulate the growth of the tissues of the same, both suspensory ligament of the corpora cavernosa and the rest of tissues.

The principle of traction is used in tissue expansion in plastic surgery, which generates skin to cover cutaneous defects, burns or bald spots.

Also it is applied in bone distraction for lengthening bone diaphysis and phalanges.

In the  ancient cultures this principle is used to enlarge different parts of the body like the neck of Burma Paduang tribe (Giraffe Women), or the lips and ears of other African and Amazonian tribes, which used to place prostheses or weights for elongation.

AndroPenis Extender - Warning!

According to the doctors who supervised our comparisons, the use of these devices has no contraindications, provided it is properly followed both medical  prescriptions and technical instructions.

You should not buy penis extender  if you were operated for prostate cancer or had some sort of urological tumor.

Also,  you shuld not use the AndroPenis Extender if you have varicocele or prostatitis or you suffer from sexually transmitted disease.

I hope these Penis Extender Reviews were useful to use. Luck!

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